The digital complete solution for construction progress control

The digital construction progress controller dibco makes it easier for financial institutions to check and for their customers to submit documents on partial disbursals for construction financing. The application is quickly ready to be used without a complex implementation, powered by artificial intelligence made by PPI. Construction financiers and end customers benefit equally from dibco.

Thus far: too slow, too much effort, too non-transparent

Many private mortgage loans are disbursed according to the construction progress – so far, this has been an inefficient process. Loan customers submit invoices and construction progress reports to the financial institution on paper, by e-mail or as an upload. The caseworkers check them manually, ask questions or request documents. This often delays the punctual payment of the individual instalments. The consequence for the construction financier: high internal costs and angry customers. In addition, the lack of transparency in manual processing to date means that critical situations such as a non-compliance with the construction plan or fraud can often only be detected with a delay.

How does dibco work

With the dibco app debtors document their construction progress and then send it directly to the financial institution. dibco automatically performs the subsequent checks until the payment is triggered.

The app for your customers
Convenient operation & simple document upload

After the loan application has been approved, the debtors receive access data to the customer self-service app from their financial institution. To apply for a partial disbursal, they upload photos, documents and invoices directly in the app.

Your cockpit
Efficient workflow – full control

All automatically processed transactions are displayed to the financial institution in the dibco control cockpit. Via this GUI the responsible caseworker performs a final check for the transactions flagged by the AI. Additional functionalities and reports are available to the IT and credit managers to control and monitor the overall process. Alternatively, dibco can also be integrated into your existing workflow system.

The back end
Automatic AI-supported document check

dibco is an AI-based application and automatically checks the documents and evidence submitted by the customer as well as the respective disbursal requirements. If there are no objections, dibco takes care of all the checks until the disbursal is realised. If the AI finds discrepancies, it forwards the process to the financial institution's caseworker. You can obtain dibco as a software-as-a-service solution hosted by PPI or on-premises.

Convenient handling

Until now, there have been many media breaks for your customers when verifying their construction progress. With the dibco app your customer now has all functionalities in one place.

  • All proof is submitted conveniently via an app.
  • We guide your customers through the process and thus prevent misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • Our UX designers have designed the app according to modern standards.

You are welcome to try out the app yourself.

Modern technology

The app not only simplifies and speeds up the check and disbursal of credit tranches but it is also easy and safe for your customers to install.

  • Thanks to the use of modern development frameworks, such as Flutter, we can always provide an up-to-date, native app for iOS and Android.
  • The software is downward compatible up to Android 6 and iOS 12. This way we ensure a broad availability.
  • We use biometric authentication – just like your customers are used to from your other digital applications.
  • Simply offer the dibco app via your own app store.

New channel to the customer

With dibco you have an intelligent tool for the construction progress control and partial disbursal of mortgage loans. In addition, the app offers you valuable direct contact with customers and thus facilitates further business.

  • Push notifications allow for timely, uncomplicated communication with your customers.
  • Clarify ambiguities quickly and efficiently. 
  • Accompany your customers step by step in the home construction and offer new products at the right time – from homeowners insurance to an instalment loan for the move.

How you and your end customers benefit from dibco

  • Process automation saves time and manpower. You can use the freed-up capacities in consulting and risk assessment.
  • Your credit customers will be thrilled: simple transmission of construction progress documents via app, uncomplicated communication in case of queries and, above all, a fast disbursal of the credit tranches.
  • The AI-supported check quickly and reliably identifies discrepancies in the document submissions of the credit customers. Fraud cases with partial or even full write-offs can thus be avoided.
  • Building a house is usually the start of a new phase in life for your customers. This often results in a need for consultation with regard to other banking products. Use the new, positively charged communication channel dibco to address customers. This way, you leverage cross-selling potential and strengthen customer loyalty.

Do you have any remaining questions about dibco?

Learn more about the digital complete solution for construction progress control. Download our interactive PDF with all details.