Format-independent and flexible: central messaging gateway Intercope BOX

With the messaging hub by PPI's partner Intercope, payments data and other information can be exchanged quickly and easily. Intercope BOX can be easily integrated into the back office and offers the necessary network and infrastructure connections for message communication via EBICS, SWIFTnet, SIAnet and other connections. The solution gives users great freedom in connecting existing systems.

Many formats, one gateway

The transmission of payments data in the many different required formats is complex – but with Intercope BOX, there is a simple and effective solution for this. This is because the messaging hub comes with conversion options for messages in SWIFT FIN (MT) and ISO 20022 (MX) format. Within Intercope BOX, all relevant objects are represented as XML.

Users are constantly provided with a uniform overview of all processes via the browser-based interface. The user profile management is consistently designed to be multi-client capable and thus also makes it possible to map complex organisational structures in one platform. This makes Intercope BOX the ideal migration system for national and international payments.

ISO 20022 compliant messages – supported payments systems:

  • SEPA
  • CBPR+
  • TARGET2 Services
  • SIC
  • MEPS

Instant payments – supported clearing systems


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