Payments notifications benefit from a specialised push server

Instant payments are the new standard in the payments sector. But your corporate customers expect more than just credit transfers within seconds; they also want to be notified of incoming payments in real time. For some business models, this is even a prerequisite. TRAVIC-Push-Server is exactly the right choice for this – it enables fast real-time submissions for EBICS payments and has a short time-to-market. To put it simply: TRAVIC-Push-Server is innovative and convenient financial communication with added value.

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Proactive notification

At the latest since the introduction of SEPA instant payments, transfers are possible nearly in real time without major problems. But when exactly does the money arrive on the payment recipient's account? Proactive notification in the form of a push message helps everyone involved. Without such a notification, customer systems would have to constantly query the bank servers for news, which creates an unnecessarily high load for the entire IT infrastructure.

TRAVIC-Push-Server is optimally tailored to the requirements of payments and therefore offers functionalities that general push servers do not. You can send your corporate customers real-time notifications about account movements and other important events. Optimised for modern, efficient multi-channel communication, the solution increases customer loyalty by actively addressing them. The channels offered include real-time notifications for EBICS, push notifications for mobile SEPA payments and many more.

Fast online processing

As of recently, real-time submission of EBICS payments by the bank customer has also been possible in combination with TRAVIC-Corporate. These incoming orders are processed directly and the status is reported back immediately in the outgoing direction – all online, conveniently and reliably.

 In combination with the TRAVIC suite, TRAVIC-Push-Server generates almost no additional effort during operation. The connection of the users in the interaction between TRAVIC-Push-Server and TRAVIC-Corporate works fully automatically. If active notification of your customers is important to you and you want to combine it with existing TRAVIC systems in the simplest way possible, this is the solution of choice.

TRAVIC-Push-Server – key features

  • Real-time notifications on incoming instant payments
  • Real-time submission and online processing of EBICS payments and other submissions
  • Optimal reachability of customers thanks to multi-channel capability
  • Active dispatch of general information such as maintenance windows
  • Short time-to-market
  • Precisely geared to the requirements of modern payments

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