The age of IoP has begun – it is high time to prepare

Machine-to-machine (M2M) payments are one of the most urgent future topics for financial service providers. PPI has analysed the challenges, opportunities and risks of this new type of payments from the perspective of payment service providers in the current study "Internet of Payments". This is the first detailed Europe-wide study on the topic of payments in the Internet of Things.

Read in the study "Internet of Payments":

  • Why the Internet of Things will completely change the payments market
  • Why machine-to-machine transactions must become possible
  • Why financial institutions must decide on a business model
  • Why there is still a lot of work to be done by legislators and
  • Why Payment service providers will have to significantly adapt their IT infrastructures

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85 billion additional transactions by 2025 – at least!

75 billion devices could be digitally networked with each other by 2025. For the Internet of Things (IoT) to unfold its potential, direct transactions between machines without any human intervention are a mandatory prerequisite.
The European payments market is facing a huge upheaval as a result. Financial service providers must prepare themselves now if they want to play an active role in this future market.
The study "Internet of Payments" provides an overview of the possible dimensions of M2M payments and shows in which areas payment service providers must now become active. The clock is ticking!

Download our exclusive study "Internet of Payments" now and get answers to the questions:

  • How the conditions for M2M payments must be created
  • Which payment methods are best suited for the implementation of M2M payments
  • What role payment service providers and financial institutions can play in the IoP