Universal, secure and automated data exchange via TRAVIC-Link

When handling their payments, your corporate customers trust that all of their processes run smoothly and securely. Especially companies with high volumes or time-sensitive processes need fully-automated solutions on which they can always depend. TRAVIC-Link meets these requirements perfectly, both for intra-company processes and for file transfer with financial institutions.

Now available: payments as a service!

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Multi-bank capability made easy

As a universal solution for data exchange, TRAVIC-Link automates both payments via EBICS and file transfer via other file transfer methods. Optionally, your customers' own scripts and interfaces can be integrated to initiate or monitor payments or file transfers. It is ideally suited for integrating more efficient and flexible data exchange into existing infrastructures.


TRAVIC-Link supports the following cryptographic functions:
  • Encryption methods and compression
  • Automatic generation of electronic signatures via AutoSign (A005/A006)
  • EBICS A005 and EBICS A006 signatures
  • French T and TS profile


TRAVIC-Link is designed for automated operation. Once configured, the orders are executed according to defined rules, e.g. as time-controlled automated downloads of account statements and their forwarding to the accounting systems.


TRAVIC-Link is cluster capable and can be flexibly adapted to different quantity structures via horizontal and vertical scaling.


The functionality and supported procedures can be customised and configured individually.


Automated download and evaluation of customer protocols enable automatic monitoring and notification in case of errors.

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