finsu – the sustainability cockpit for a sustainable financial institution

Whether this affects investment decisions of a private investor or the own credit portfolio, the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in the financial sector is growing ever stronger. The problem here is that the data needed to assess the ESG risks of an engagement are often widely scattered, unstructured and in need of interpretation. The solution is called finsu. PPI's sustainability cockpit offers financial institutions a platform that makes all relevant ESG parameters available to their own risk management, investment advisors or the sales department. For customers it creates transparency about the sustainability of their portfolio.

finsu creates sustainability along the entire value chain

  • Compliance
  • New sales opportunities 
  • Provision of ESG data for the entire bank
  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Avoidance of silo structures and isolated solutions

Leading by example

Often, the idea of sustainability in a financial institution is primarily driven by regulatory requirements and is only understood to be a pure obligation. However, this is not a holistic way of thinking and neglects, for example, opportunities for new customer acquisition, higher customer satisfaction and upselling. This creates risks for the market position and the customer base of the financial institution.

With finsu, sustainability is implemented end-to-end in the banking processes. And not only that: the finsu applications are designed to take advantage of all the opportunities that arise from the topic. This is due to the consideration of not only the regulatory perspective but also the customer perspective, which generates a variety of connecting factors.

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finsu life – for more sustainability in everyday life

Financial institutions need to offer sustainable services to meet changing customer needs. One such solution is finsu life. It uses the transaction data of bank customers to calculate their personal ecological footprint in the form of carbon emissions, water consumption, amounts of waste and more. On this basis, finsu life makes concrete suggestions for improvement, such as using local suppliers, switching providers or green investments. The customer can then also communicate any improvements achieved via social networks or other channels. finsu life is a multi-bank-capable white-label solution with individual configurability that can be quickly and easily integrated into the banking and digital ecosystem of the institutions.

finsu credit – for a greener credit portfolio

In future, the financial institutions will have to include sustainability aspects, the so-called ESG risks, in their lending decisions. This is a complex undertaking, because the information required for this is widely scattered, often unstructured and fundamentally in need of interpretation. finsu credit solves this problem by bundling and processing all data points from different sources in a central ESG database. Here, the information provided by debtors on their companies and investment projects via smartphone or web is combined with supplementary information from the financial institution, external data supplies and public sources. In addition, financial institutions can start the active communication with debtors directly or via campaigns in a targeted manner. From the collected database content finsu credit generates a clear dashboard display for visualising and managing the ESG performance of the credit portfolio.

finsu assets – for a sustainable securities portfolio

Sustainability aspects are playing an increasingly important role in the decision to buy shares, ETFs or fund units. Private investors are now increasingly taking criteria such as carbon emissions, working conditions or good governance into account when making investment decisions. However, they find it more difficult than institutional investors to obtain the relevant information. Here finsu assets offers the right solution. The web-based sustainability cockpit offers ESG information for a broad spectrum of financial instruments. Investors can easily access all data and thus make an informed decision. Financial institutions thus offer their customers a whole new level of transparency. In addition, the company's own sales force or affiliated asset advisors can access the available information.

All products from the finsu suite are

  • Cloud-native
  • White-label
  • Configurable
  • Integrable