Whether instant payments or CBPR+ – TRAVIC Payment Hub can do it all

The hybrid platform offers the highest degree of automation even in international payments and at the same time provides extensive customisation options. It requires only minimal technical resource input from financial service providers and can be operated both on-premises and as part of a payments-as-a-service solution. Of course TRAVIC-Payment Hub is ready for Request to Pay, and is the current and future payments application of choice.

Now available: payments as a service!

All TRAVIC suite products can be operated on-premises or in the cloud. Get in touch with us to learn more!

The solution for core processing

Europe's financial institutions are currently facing revolutionary changes in national and international payments. They range from the growing importance of real-time payments to the switch to ISO 20022-based information exchange (TARGET MX, CBPR+) and new standards such as Request to Pay (RTP). And the financial institutions have to cope with these changes against the backdrop of a tight market with increasing cost pressure and ever shorter innovation cycles. All reasons that speak for Europe's most modern payments solution.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub (TPH) by PPI is exclusively tailored to the requirements of financial institutions. In addition, extensive adaptations to user requirements can be realised without any problems. This is made possible by customised workflows per client at scheme and product level, individual interfaces and channels. In addition, there is a high degree of configurability at the levels of accounts, customers, customer groups and standards. Even individual database extensions, GUI artifacts or business services can be combined with the standard product.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub instant payments

SEPA instant payments present financial institutions with completely new requirements and the need to modify the processing systems, in some cases in a profound way. With TRAVIC-Payment Hub, financial institutions benefit from an excellent high-performance platform optimised for the processing of instant payments – uninterrupted and available 24/7/365.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub cross-border and high-value payments

Financial institutions are faced with the challenge of implementing the ISO 20022 standard for cross-border and high-value payments. This affects both TARGET2 and EBA EURO1 as well as international payments. New formats, processes and access procedures are required. At the same time, the cost pressure and transparency requirements are increasing for cross-border payments. TRAVIC-Payment Hub is the perfect instrument to meet these requirements.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub mass payments

Besides cross-border, high-value and instant payments, TRAVIC-Payment Hub also handles European mass payments with SEPA. The procedures for SEPA credit transfers (SCT), SEPA direct debits (SDD) and SEPA card clearing (SCC) have been implemented.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub Request to Pay

In addition to instant payments, cross-border and high-value payments and bulk payments, TRAVIC-Payment Hub also already includes the RTP standard of the European Payments Council (EPC). The service is available 24/7/365 and supports time-critical end-to-end messaging. Financial institutions can thus offer their corporate and private customers products for RTP very quickly and without major effort.

Regulation as an opportunity

Supervisory requirements in payments are constantly increasing. A hybrid platform like TRAVIC-Payment Hub creates synergies. This reduces both the adaptation effort during implementation ("change the bank") and the maintenance effort ("run the bank"). In running operation, the system demonstrates how specialist teams merge and a cross-scheme view of payments can be achieved.

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