Mobile account overview and release of payments for corporate customers according to EBICS standard

With TRAVIC-EBICS-Mobile, your business customers can flexibly release EBICS payment orders anywhere and at any time. The TRAVIC app is secure, easy to use and also provides information on accounts and bookings.

Now available: payments as a service!

All TRAVIC suite products can be operated on-premises or in the cloud. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Reliable mobile corporate banking app in the EBICS environment

The use of TRAVIC-Port is a prerequisite for the use of TRAVIC-EBICS-Mobile. This adds the following functions for mobile banking:

  • Viewing booked and interim account transactions in the app
  • Viewing and releasing in the signature folder of the bank server for orders awaiting electronic signature within the app
  • Viewing the customer protocol via the order type PTK; as of EBICS 3.0 via HAC in accordance with the EBICS standard
  • EBICS key management for setup and activation of bank accesses
  • Support of Request to Pay (RTP) thanks to use of the innovative PAYCY platform
  • Simplification of the payment process through automatic transfer of payment data to payment creation for accepted invoices 

TRAVIC-EBICS-Mobile can be used in combination with TRAVIC-Push-Server. The latter then sends push messages to the smartphone or smartwatch of the customers to inform them of the relevant current activities of the EBICS bank server.

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