The fastest way to electronic bank account management

Nowadays, companies actually handle almost all business processes that can be digitised electronically. It is only in account management that problems often arise because a lot of financial institutions still perform many individual steps manually. This can be changed in no time: PPI provides banks a simple, reliable and quickly implementable solution for electronic bank account management (eBAM).

eBAM – easily explained

Manual, slow and paper-based processes are an anachronism: they are completely out of date. And yet such outdated procedures still prevent smooth electronic account management at many financial institutions – much to the annoyance of corporate customers. Their financial processes are usually completely digital, only the interaction with the financial institution when managing accounts proving to be a bottleneck. Not surprisingly, many companies are demanding electronic bank account management (eBAM) from their financial service providers.

eBAM is therefore a must for all financial institutions that want to strengthen customer loyalty through innovative functions and at the same time benefit from digitalisation. However, an implementation of such a tool for electronic payments in-house is relatively costly and complex for financial institutions, not least due to the new ISO 20022 message formats and processes. PPI enables financial institutions to benefit easily and quickly from the advantages of electronic account management.

Ready for use and easy to integrate

The eBAM engine by PPI bundles all the necessary functionalities in a ready-to-use tool that is easy to integrate: incoming eBAM messages are checked for correctness and then processed automatically, in each case coordinated with the adjacent systems. The same applies to the generation of return messages and information for provision to customers.

The experienced specialists at PPI know the challenges of eBAM and can therefore optimally support institutions during the introduction. With standard implementation, complex process adjustments can usually be dispensed with. Financial institutions that want to strengthen their customer loyalty and sustainably reduce processing efforts should talk to PPI's experts about an optimal eBAM implementation.

eBAM with PPI – a brief summary