The fast track to EBA CLEARING

Good communication is everything. This also applies to interbank payments. Systems must map the relevant protocols of their respective payments area, be highly reliable and fast – we are talking instant payments. However, it is not absolutely necessary for financial institutions to manage this themselves: TRAVIC-Interbank-as-a-Service by PPI provides a connection to interbank payments based on the EBICS protocol.

Clean technical solution for RT1 & co.

Regardless of whether instant payments with the RT1 standard or mass payments with STEP2, the joint solution TRAVIC-Interbank-as-a-Service by PPI and Intercope guarantees a fast and reliable connection to interbank payments. The EBICS protocol serves as the basis. This enables the transfer of large payments files as well as uninterrupted and high-performance communication for real-time credit transfers via instant payments.

The cloud service runs with high availability and thus offers a convenient connection to EBA CLEARING or to other banks without the institution having to take care of the operation itself. Banking applications can be flexibly connected via the following interfaces:

  • IBM MQ or ActiveMQ (for IP)
  • HTTP (for IP)
  • File transfer (for mass payments)

Unlike with other protocols and networks, there are no transport costs for the transfer of payment files but only operating costs.

Always up to date

PPI and its partners ensure smooth operation in compliance with the necessary regulatory and security-related framework conditions. This goes far beyond mere fail-safe operation. Flawless and secure operation is proven by certifications in IT security management, in this case ISO 27001, and quality management – ISO 9001. Compliance with the market standards of the EBA Guidelines and the cloud computing specifications, such as C5, is a matter of course. Continuous further development of the TRAVIC-Interbank-as-a-Service solution always keeps interbank communication up to date with the latest regulatory requirements.

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 Hendrik-Tobias Trost PPI AG

Hendrik-Tobias Trost

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