Individual managed service provider for financial service providers

Digital transformation, increasing regulatory challenges and rapidly changing customer demands require financial institutions to be ever more innovative in a highly complex environment. However, scarce human resources and dwindling margins often stand in the way of necessary product and technology innovations. It is therefore becoming increasingly attractive for financial institutions to outsource cost-driving business processes to the cloud.

PPI Financial Services is a managed service provider for the financial industry. The PPI subsidiary enables financial institutions and insurance companies to operate entire value chains as software as a service (SaaS).

Cloud service provider for the highest demands

The PPI Financial Services offering includes the provision and operation of the technical infrastructure and associated services in the cloud. This includes all relevant services around business aspects and IT security as well as the necessary support and change processes. Customers have a modular portfolio of standardised offers at their disposal from which they can compile the services they need according to their own wishes. PPI has bundled all the necessary technical, business-related and regulatory competences and processes in its subsidiary.

As an operator of payments services, PPI Financial Services complies with all banking-specific regulatory requirements, such as MaRisk AT9. It offers customers the technical operation of PPI applications and third-party software in the cloud. Customers receive a secure, compliant and efficient SaaS package for a wide range of requirements.

Operating software in the cloud is the contemporary answer to the current challenges financial institutions are facing. Computing capacities are only used when they are actually needed. Financial service providers thus reduce their investment costs for IT processes in the long term, always have access to the latest technology and benefit from the in-depth know-how of PPI experts. This has particular advantages when operating critical business processes with their multiple regulatory obligations and requirements with regard to information security.

Current use cases

Payments as a service

Payments software from the cloud

PPI offers financial institutions a secure operation of the payments landscape with regard to regulations, business aspects and technology, both in a complete and in a partial manner. Payments as a service give financial institutions more time for product development and customer care.

The one-stop solution offers a complete, customised solution from one source, which also takes into account all regulatory requirements. With payments as a service, financial institutions can achieve economies of scale in mass payments and at the same time maintain their individuality in correspondent banking.

Digital construction progress controller

AI-supported process automation

The digital construction progress controller dibco makes it easier for financial institutions to check and for their customers to submit documents on partial disbursals for construction financing. With the dibco app, debtors document their construction progress and then send it directly to the financial institution; dibco automatically performs the subsequent checks until the payment is triggered.

Financial institutions can use dibco quickly without complex implementation. The application is based on artificial intelligence developed by PPI. Construction financiers and end customers benefit equally from dibco.