TRAVIC-Port: corporate payments via browser

Use of the EBICS standard without installed software or even your own bank server – no problem with the TRAVIC-Port web portal. Your corporate customers can place payment orders quickly and easily from different computers via the Internet. With this central solution, you offer your customers easy-to-use, always up-to-date payments access based on the latest EBICS versions. TRAVIC-Port is multi-bank capable and thus ensures long-term customer relationships.

Now available: payments as a service!

All TRAVIC suite products can be operated on-premises or in the cloud. Get in touch with us to learn more!

All business transactions on every computer

Entry into EBICS-based bank communication by no means requires a bank server of one's own or a software installed specifically for this purpose. Thanks to TRAVIC-Port, a computer with Internet access is all that is needed. It is simple, inexpensive and quick. Your corporate customers can carry out banking transactions at any time and in any place, be it domestic or cross-border payments.

The key characteristics at a glance:

  • Multi-bank capable with standardised interfaces and consistent use of EBICS standards
  • Permanently assigned EBICS keys for the protocol user
  • Ideal for cross-border payments
  • Can be used for real-time notifications and real-time submissions via WebSocket
  • Individually configurable, for example regarding look and feel, dashboard and start page
  • Ensured security thanks to electronic signatures and cryptographic encoding – during portal access as well
  • Support of the standards EBICS 2.5 and 3.0
  • High availability
  • Multi-client capability
  • For mobile use, TRAVIC-Port can be extended by TRAVIC-EBICS-Mobile and accepts a device-independent signature 2FA according to PSD2. 
  • Support of Request to Pay (RTP) thanks to use of the innovative PAYCY platform
  • Simplification of the payment process through automatic transfer of payment data to payment creation for accepted invoices

TRAVIC-Port is multi-language capable and supports not only SEPA but also European national payment formats as well as the different EBICS implementation guidelines issued by the German Banking Industry Committee (DK), SIX and CFONB.

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