Future-proof IT architecture for the success factor payments

One IT trend is currently chasing the next; from AI to the Internet of Things to cloud computing. However, what should not be forgotten are functionalities without which these developments will falter. For example, without smooth payments in the sense of an Internet of Payments, thinking machines would be significantly less efficient than desired. Secure and efficient payments systems are therefore of utmost importance for the entire economic cycle. However, the remodelling and development of payments systems can only succeed if suitable IT architecture models are used right from the start.

Modern IT architecture for payments has advantages:

  • Easy integration of new functionalities
  • Flexible reaction to current customer requirements
  • Decisive contribution to business success
  • Real-time capable

Future-proof IT architecture models

Financial service providers are currently undergoing a profound transformation process in the course of ever-increasing digitalisation. It brings a variety of challenges for the IT architecture of payments systems:

  • The integration of new business functions into existing monolithic systems involves enormous complexity risks. A modularisation based on functionally defined system boundaries can reduce project risks in a targeted manner – step by step.
  • In distributed systems, the interfaces between the individual systems are constantly gaining importance. Through a consistent definition of business application programming interfaces (APIs) and by following a strict API-first approach, the system boundaries can be defined precisely as early as in the conception phase and responsibilities can be allocated clearly.
  • The special requirements of real-time systems in terms of stability, scalability, performance and continuous availability also require the definition of clear architectural guidelines.

The Enterprise Payments Architecture team at PPI has decades of experience in the field of payments systems gained in a large number of successful projects. Their thematic spectrum ranges from the integration of PPI's own payments products into existing IT architectures to the migration of complete payments systems or the connection of authorisation systems for modern payment procedures and card payments as well as the modularisation of monolithic transaction-processing systems. The team includes experts in design and implementation of complex IT system architectures tailored to the needs of the financial institution. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of processes and standards of classic payments, card-based payments and current e-commerce payment procedures.

PPI supports financial service providers with payments transformation:

  • In integrating new payments systems into the existing system landscape
  • In adapting systems to new business requirements
  • In a targeted modernisation of the existing payments system architecture and related processes

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