From implementation to instant issuing – everything à la carte

Cards have been an elementary part of daily life and payments for years. The number of cards in circulation is growing, as is the number of issuers – from traditional banks and neobanks to crypto providers looking to become an issuing bank.

Classic or hybrid, the issuing bank must be able to do both

Customers need to receive the Girocard, which is popular in Germany, as quickly, easily and securely as possible. The same applies to the cards of the global schemes, such as VISA, Mastercard or American Express. This process, known as issuing cards, is as sensitive as it is complex. The evaluation of these processes is subject to a regular strategic analysis process, followed by re-tendering if necessary. Processor performance, features and of course prices are also put to the test.

Closely interlocked

Efficient card issuing solutions must not only map the basic processes such as embossing, logistics and dispatch. Personalisation, individualised cards and digital activation mechanisms are also an obligatory part of the service offering. All processes must be closely interwoven with the issuing institution (the issuing bank) and make active management of the cards possible. Close coordination of all parties involved is essential in order to provide the end customer with the quickest and most elegant solution possible. This also means the guarantee of a seamless flow of information from the card embosser via the dispatch service provider to the financial institution's systems.

Self-service for issuing

Self-issuing and ad-hoc issuing of digital cards are also leading to ever closer involvement of customers in card management. The bank systems must reflect this accordingly, and existing systems may have to be replaced. The period of use of cards after the actual issuing has also changed. Whereas in the past they were used for years, today activation for a very specific purpose is possible, including deactivation afterwards. Cards are also hybrid in many cases and end up in electronic wallets; they are used for Apple Pay or Google Pay, sometimes digitally and sometimes physically.

For years, there has also been a clear trend towards individual designs and materials. Cards made of wood, bamboo or precious metals are no longer rare. FinTech start-ups are playing up such creative solutions in issuing as a way to differentiate themselves.

Issuing cards – our range of services:

Would you like to offer your customers an additional future-oriented cards service? Get in touch with us and we will advise you comprehensively. Our core competencies are, among others: 

  • Tenders
  • Strategic analyses of existing portfolios and business models
  • Process analyses
  • Business analyses
  • Tests and quality assurance