Fully automated documentation, analysis and assessment of cyber risks in real time

cysmo® is cyber risk rating at the touch of a button specifically tailored to the needs of the insurance industry. It is a proven digital technology that scans commercial enterprises to identify vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them.

More than 25 insurers in Europe value cysmo®’s cyber risk ratings. A technically driven approach eliminates so called "false positives" – no manual actions or "guessing" are required. This leads to a maximisation of quality reports. Due to automation, the report with the results are generated within an average of 1 minute.

Our solutions allow

  • Brokers to consult customers on their respective cyber risks and the best ways to master them, including tailored cyber insurance
  • Underwriters to make better underwriting decisions relying on instant ratings of the actual vulnerability profile
  • Portfolio managers to make informed portfolio steering decisions to reduce or manage specific risk patterns of a strategic or systemic nature and ensure sustainable portfolio development

cysmo® Underwriting

Holistic risk assessment by means of an automated external view from the hacker’s perspective

With cysmo®, insurance companies can quickly and efficiently simulate an external attacker's view of the company to be rated. The information gained can be included in their risk assessment. In combination with the results of the questionnaire, this creates a comprehensive picture of a company's potential risk situation. The renewal process can be made more efficient thanks to the automation of cysmo®. The insurance company recognises the risk tendencies at first glance and can see whether and how threat situations change.

cysmo® Analytics

Early identification and avoidance of accumulation risks – even for large portfolios

With the API cysmo® Analytics even large portfolios can be analysed regarding their accumulation risks. Insurance companies can focus on the information provided by cysmo® that is relevant for their individual analyses (such as accumulations of providers, use of obsolete encryption methods or same software). Through comparisons with more indicators from other scenarios, the likelihood of accumulations being recognised early on increases, and suitable assessment or product measures can be derived. In addition, insurance companies position themselves as competent partners for their customers and business partners, helping them to significantly minimise their cyber risks.

cysmo® Reports

Insurance consulting and monitoring service for individual risk assessment

Customer reports in PDF format that are generated at the end of a risk assessment record the risk assessment process and can be stored in data management systems – digitally or as (paper) files. In existing customer relationships, regularly provided reports serve as a monitoring instrument for both the customer ("How secure is my current IT from the outside?") and the insurance company ("What risks does my customer currently face?") and are a perfect customer loyalty instrument.

cysmo® Sales

Cyber risks translated for the insurance business without media breaks

Through the integrated illustrative representations in cysmo® Sales, cyber risks can be made more tangible to the policyholder. The reports are a solid basis for confidence-building sales meetings for cyber insurances: even before the contract completion, the customer is already given real added value thanks to the individual risk assessment – which promotes the perception to have chosen the right cyber insurance provider.

Meet cysmo®

Market leader (Germany) for insurance outside-in scanning

  • 100 % focused on insurance sector
  • Fully automated & non-intrusive
  • High quality – no false positive results
  • More than 25 customers in insurance market
  • Works for any type of risk/company < 1 minute