We are committed to responsible corporate governance

The basis of our activities for companies are long-term and trusting customer relationships. This trust is based on the professionalism and integrity of each individual employee. For our work, adherence to measurable quality standards is just as important as clear rules of conduct. They are defined in our corporate identity as binding for both employees and managers.

Code of conduct

Compliance with the law as well as ethically correct behaviour is a prerequisite in our daily work. PPI's code of conduct provides all employees with a binding framework for responsible behaviour and is at the same time a promise to our customers and business partners. It applies to all employees of PPI AG and its subsidiaries; employees, executives, management and the board of directors.

The responsibility for the code of conduct and compliance with the requirements lies with the board of directors. In addition, we have a compliance officer who is the contact person for all employees with questions about the principles of conduct. The compliance officer is also responsible for regularly reviewing and updating the code of conduct in consultation with the board of directors.

Preventing and combating corruption

We reject any form of corruption and do not tolerate it in any way. PPI's code of conduct expressly prohibits and imposes sanctions on any form of improper influence on decision-makers. That is why we have committed to the code of conduct of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for business.

Business continuity management

PPI anticipates potential incidents and crises through preventive measures and structured emergency management. Our business continuity management is part of our overall risk management. The aim is to ensure the functionality and availability of critical business processes. The focus of our technical and organisational emergency scenarios and arrangements is on locations where we provide services for the operation of our customers in the financial sector.

PPI's in-house pandemic plan includes measures for hygiene and work organisation to protect our employees and customers. It is based on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.

Certifications and standards

As a software and consulting company, we naturally comply with industry-recognised standards in the area of information security and quality management. We have them checked and certified on a regular basis.

Quality management – ISO 9001

At PPI, all business processes are part of an ongoing effort towards improvement. We continuously work on optimising the quality of our services. The basis for this is our quality management system (QMS), which is certified according to ISO 9001.

At the heart of our quality management are our processes, for which we define goals, procedures and responsibilities throughout the company in our integrated management system (IMS). Our quality management is subject to internal and external quality audits and management reviews.

The TÜV certificate confirms the quality of the processes – for the conception, development, maintenance and support of software solutions as well as for the consulting services of all planning and implementation steps.

Information security and data protection – ISO 27001

The information security and data protection process is part of PPI's information security management system (ISMS) and defines the responsibilities and higher-level processes. The entire ISMS is based on the guidelines and requirements of ISO 27001. It is certified by TÜV SÜD.

An information security officer, an information security team and a data protection officer are permanently established at PPI. The central objectives and principles for information security are defined in our corresponding guideline.