TRAVIC-Retail: multi-channel platform for high loads

No other FinTS server supports more business transactions, uses better security technologies or is more powerful. In Germany, TRAVIC-Retail is the front-runner in terms of order processing numbers. With HBCI, FinTS 3.0 and FinTS 4.1, the multi-channel platform also combines all the necessary protocols on one system. Another important point: the integration usually works smoothly because it fits flexibly into your infrastructure.

Now available: payments as a service!

All TRAVIC suite products can be operated on-premises or in the cloud. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Obvious strengths

Do you, as a computer centre or medium-sized financial institution, want to offer as many online banking functions as possible to your private customers or small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)? Then TRAVIC-Retail is the right system through which your customers can use the online banking functions of your institution with direct access via the HBCI, FinTS 3.0 or FinTS 4.1 protocols.

A hallmark of this retail banking software is its great flexibility. Of course, the business transactions defined by the German Banking Industry Committee (DK) are mapped in full. But individual extensions can be generated at any time without having to write an additional line of code. The large number of available interfaces enables easy integration into differently developed bank infrastructures. Both large computer centres, which benefit from the multi-client capability, and a number of medium-sized institutions have relied on TRAVIC-Retail as a stable and high-performance platform for years.

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 Christian Wenz PPI AG

Christian Wenz

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