PPI Payments: with our know-how and experience we create practical solutions for future-proof payments systems

The digital transformation poses fundamentally new challenges for processes and systems in payments. The booming e-commerce business and the changed payment behaviour of retail customers require an adaptation of existing or even an introduction of completely new payment models. The supervisory authority also has a say in all these topics with new or amended regulations.

PPI has more than three decades of experience in payments consulting and software development for payments systems and is the European market leader for EBICS and FinTS solutions. The experts in the PPI Payments division advise financial service providers on all strategic, IT and banking-related fields of action all around payments. They create pragmatic solutions for pan-European payments of tomorrow that can be implemented in the given time and, above all, are future-proof.

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The 21st century brings with it completely changed forms of communication and interaction. Temporal and spatial barriers disappear, 24/7 is standard. The financial industry must be prepared to recognise trends and think about the future – that includes payments. The experts at PPI provide support in the conception and implementation of strategically sophisticated solutions. Learn more