We take responsibility for our environment by reducing CO2 emissions and acting ecologically

The EU Commission's Green Deal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 per cent in the countries of the European Union over the next few years and to make Europe the world's first climate-neutral continent.

At PPI, we want to make our contribution by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and acting in an environmentally conscious manner. The company's environmental protection is firmly anchored in our organisation. Our initiatives for greater sustainability and environmental protection are diverse – ranging from reducing power consumption in the branch offices to incentives for the use of electric mobility.

Sustainable management

PPI's environmental management system provides for the role of an environmental manager who initiates and coordinates initiatives for greater sustainability. This is supported by the cross-divisional working group "Sustainable Management".

We regularly record and analyse our carbon footprint and energy efficiency. This data provides a basis for targeted optimisation. In all branches, PPI uses only green electricity. We have implemented numerous measures to reduce power consumption, such as the virtualisation of servers.

The PPI company car directive promotes the purchase of electric vehicles. Our mobility concept creates incentives for the use of public transport or bicycles to go to work through bonuses.

Pool bicycles are also available to our employees at all locations. Locally, we also support joint tree planting campaigns.

CO₂ report

Every year, we identify the CO₂ emissions that are generated by our business operations and publish the results in our CO₂ report. As with many consulting companies, the majority of emissions are due to professional travel. Therefore we are developing initiatives for environmentally sustainable mobility.

Energy audit

A certified body regularly checks and analyses the use and consumption of energy at PPI. This enables us to increase savings potential and energy efficiency at PPI. The energy audit complies with DIN EN 16247-1.